Dec 2, 2007

Mariah Carey Barely Costumes

This is ridiculous.

It appears that Mariah Carey has an assistant for every occasion. Someone to do her hair. Someone to hold her straw while she sips a drink. And, now, she has an assistant to make sure her Busty St Clair’s don’t bounce out of her barely there costumes.

It could be worse, I guess. I’d hate to see what Toilet Paper Assistant has to do.



Christian M said...

Dude. Its a comb, not a straw.

Sorry I ruined your primary argument to trash her.

Anonymous said...

@Christian M - it's a comb, not a straw? Are you a moron? Whoever wrote the article is talking about the picture of Mariah having an assistant hold a straw to her mouth so she can have a sip of water. Google the picture. And by the way, the reason Mariah gets "trashed" is because she's too conceited and thinks she's above everyone else. Why else does she hire someone to hold a straw in her damn mouth.