Apr 2, 2009

Kristen Stewart's Boyfriend Squashes Robert Pattinson Romance Rumors

Seeing Kristen Stewart and her visiting boyfriend, Michael Angarano, walking hand in hand near the New Moon set in Vancouver might be a little disheartening to fans hoping for a real-life romance between the actress and her costar Robert Pattinson.

Yet despite such wishful thinking on the part of many Twi-hards, Stewart insists it hasn't affected her relationship with Angarano, telling USA Today that he's "totally not a threatened guy."

Of course, the nonexistence of an offscreen love affair between the Twilight stars does keep the fantasy alive for millions of girls longing to one day find themselves in the comfort of Edward's, er, Pattinson's embrace.

"They covet him," says Stewart. "I think half of them are so jealous that they hate me."

Now there's an understatement if we ever heard one.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, as a Twi-hard I honestly hate the idea of a NON-existant romance between Robert(Edward;) and kristen but the "I think they hate me" is absolutely right