Nov 29, 2008

Bollywood Actress ' Mugdha Godse' Kathak

‘Sitting alone helps me connect with myself’

My workout regime

I try to do 45 minutes of physical activity in a day whether it is gymming or attending my Kathak classes or doing

yoga or swimming. I even love to go some amount of jogging. Basically, I like to keep varying my routine so I don’t get bored of working out everyday.

My daily diet
I eat after every two hours. The first thing I do in the morning is to drink coconut water the minute I wake up from my bed. Then I have my breakfast which comprises eggs, poha or upma or toast. I also eat a fruit. My lunch is mostly dal, roti and subji like palak. But achar (pickle) is a must for me. If there’s no chicken for lunch, then I have a protein shake after the meal. After two to three hours of my lunch, I munch on a chicken sandwich or a protein bar. Whenever I’m hungry I eat some soya sticks. For dinner, it’s mostly hot soup. I may also have salad and grilled chicken or fish. But if I don’t eat anything of these, then I have the same things I have for lunch. And, of course, I do have my protein shake. I also keep munching any healthy stuff till I go off to sleep.

My happiness quotient
When I’m feeling a little low, I like to hang out with my friends or even go out to watch a film. I might even watch a DVD at home or even go out for a drive with friends. At times, I like to sit all by myself and chill alone at home. It helps me to connect with myself.

My idea of relaxation
Yoga for me is the best way to relax as it connects my body and mind and makes me a stronger person. Also, going to a spa and getting a massage
soothes my senses. After work in the day, one needs to relax one’s mind and body to bounce back the next day with greater energy.