Dec 23, 2008

Bollywood Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh sex-pack

Neil sexes himself up. Enters six-pack territory

Neil is all set to sport six pack abs for Madhur's forthcoming film Jail. Known for his realistic films Madhur has asked his new hero to shed weight and get six pack abs for the character. Neil plays the male lead in Jail and has already started working hard towards it.

"I've been asked to lose weight for the role," confirms Neil Nitin Mukesh. So how much excess weight has he to shed? "Actually, I've been asked to have a lean and sinewy look for the film. I've developed some muscles, and am going the six-pack way for the role."

Being impressed by director Madhur Bhandarkar's style of working, Neil says, "Just like his other films Madhur has done extensive research for Jail too. He has crossed all boundaries with this film. I am like an Eklavya - very focused as a human being when I have a teacher like Madhur before me. I'm extremely passionate about my roles, and choose my work only by the director, the captain of the ship."

Neil adds, "For me it's important that at such an early stage of life, I mould my career correctly. I become even stronger when I work with hard taskmasters." A thumbs up to this Eklavya.