Dec 8, 2008

Bollywood Actors Protest Against Terrorist ATTACK


‘We are disgusted with politicians who provide no leadership,’ the actors say

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are the latest Bollywood stars to criticise the government for failing to tackle terrorism and protect citizens. Both said they were "disgusted" with politicians "who provide no leadership" while arming themselves "with so many security guards".
The actors were busy shooting for Renzil D'Silva's untitled project in Philadelphia when the mayhem broke loose in Mumbai on November 26.

"The government has failed us again. The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) is advertising for votes while the bodies of the dead have not yet been cremated. Modi had offered Rs 10 million to the widow of Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare. The news has shaken the foundations of our city and destroyed our already shaky belief in our government's ability to protect us," Saif wrote in a statement circulated to the media and signed by both.
Added Kareena, "I am disgusted with the so-called political leaders who provide no leadership and ironically surround themselves with so many security guards while doing little or nothing for the security of the people who have voted them to power.

Saif also slammed the terrorists for killing "innocent people" in the name of "God" or "religion".
"As an Indian and a Muslim, I feel like expressing my condemnation and outright disgust toward any party killing innocent people in the name of God, Allah or whatever we choose to call him.
"I am so worried that the whole religion (Islam) will be judged and condemned. There are strong communal feelings running through all stratas of our society and I find it hard to defend the fact that there seems to be a Muslim hand behind every detonator. I feel a little scared as a Muslim now," explained the actor.

IANS Work should be the new religion
I've tried to keep away from commenting on this as there are no words to express a situation like this because our feelings are mixed with anger, disbelief and sadness. Being Muslim myself, I believe youngsters need to understand Islam and respect the religion in the right way. I think no agenda should be attached to any kind of religion.The religion our children are born with should be something they practice as a discipline and work should be developed as the new religion. SRK in an interview The youth... should start a political party

What I would really like to see emerge from all this is the youth of this country starting a political party.A group that stands for strong, clean,honest and fresh leadership.A group that we can all support. And finally,if we really want to make sure that terrorists fail in achieving their end then these terror attacks should not take us towards hate but instead towards love.If we react with hate we are succumbing to these terror attacks,and if we react with increasing love and peace in our hearts then we squarely defeat the terrorists. AAMIR KHAN on his blog I am shocked at what has been done in the name of my faith

As a Muslim, I am shocked at what has been done in the name of my faith.As an Indian, I am determined to keep these terrorists from tearing our nation apart.As a human being, I join with the entire world in condemning this horrific violence.

SOHA ALI KHAN, in a letter If our soldiers are treated the way they are...People come here as guests, and this is how they are treated ––with terror attacks... we will not be quiet. I speak as an individual. I am the daughter of an army officer and my brother is in the Army too. But if our soldiers are treated the way they are (referring to poor infrastructure) then which family will send their children to the Police or Army. PREITY ZINTA.