Dec 3, 2008

Celina Jaitley...‘I am unlucky in love’

Former Miss India and Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley, who turned 27, says she has been unlucky in love but hopes god will bless her with more Celina Jaitley romance in life.

"So maybe for my birthday, god will grant me romance and love. About time I got lucky in love," said Celina, who celebrated her birthday recently with destitute girls. Celina sponsors some of these poor girls and she threw a party for them. "I threw a birthday party for my girls. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them smile. Wish my family was here."

"So for me it was not a very happy birthday. My parents left Mumbai and my dog didn't take well to their absence. So she swallowed plastic. The entire day before my birthday the vet was trying to pull the plastic out of her throat. Not a very pleasant way to bring in my birthday."

However, the actress tried to cheer herself up by buying a BMW on her birthday. "I need that boost. I've been working hard and Golmaal Returns is a hit. So I need to indulge myself. I know a girl's best friend are diamonds. But she needs a posh car to get to the jewellery store. So a BMW! " said the actress.