Dec 20, 2008

How Aamir Khan slogged to get eight-pack abs

It was a painstaking task of almost 13 months for Aamir Khan to get that enviable body for his film Ghajini .

The sculpted beefcake that has got the girls swooning and men scratching their heads in disbelieve wasn’t easy to acquire. But Aamir slogged in gym like an obsessed man until he had got the body he wanted for his role in ‘Ghajini, even though the whole journey had him shed a lot of sweat, and tears as well.

The actor’s personal trainer Satyajit ‘Satya’ Chaurasia says Aamir used to work out for three-four hours everyday.

"He used to get tired exercising and sometimes even used to shriek in pain and cry doing the stomach crunches, but he did not skip a single day. Every week his body used to show results and that kept him going," Chaurasia is quoted by a news agency.

Aamir, who is known for his perfectionist streak, is also quoted: “I needed this kind of physique because the kind of action you see me doing, you will believe I am capable of doing it only because of my body.”

Not only that, Aamir had to follow a strict regimen. He was told to sleep eight full hours every night. And “he had to give up on oil, sugar and alcohol consumption and late night parties,” according to Satya.

In fact, Aamir was put on a strict diet which included “one-third fat, one-third carbohydrates, one-third protein, but normal food, rotis, rice, sabzis, chicken, egg whites, fruit, and four litres of water everyday.”

For Aamir, it was tough in the beginning as he was busy with the post-production of Taare Zameen Par at that time. But the most difficult part was to remain constantly dedicated for a year to acquire the eight-pack abs.

Well, it takes only an Aamir to do so much for a role.