Jan 1, 2009

GHAJINI is all set to be India’s first 100 crore film

While it’s obvious by now that GHAJINI would break the opening record (currently held by SINGH IS KINNG that made 44 crores at the end of the first week), talks have steered towards a speculation if at the end of it’s run, this Aamir Khan starrer would go on to be country’s first film to net 100 crores. Well to put this speculation to rest, after observing the GHAJINI mania closely for the last 10 days, I can safely presume that we are indeed looking at a 100 crores milestone being comfortably crossed.

If one looks at the figures pouring in, it isn’t rocket science actually to be able to deduce such momentous figure for the film. Wednesday preview shows, Thursday’s limited shows and Friday’s full fledged release (with RAB NE BANA DI JODI and other films in the running vacating some shows after Thursday) have brought in a mind boggling 20 crores already (this number could go up to 22 crores pending confirmation). With better collections over Saturday and Sunday, considering the fact that advance booking has already broken records all over), the 44 crores first week record of SINGH IS KINNG is all set to be broken by GHAJINI in it’s weekend itself.

Even with a 50% fall in collections on the weekdays (which is on the higher side though considering this is a festive season all the way into the New Year and quite a few patrons are already on a vacation mood), 20 crores more are comfortably expected to be added on between Monday to Thursday. Add them all up and first week of GHAJINI could well be heading towards the 65 crores mark. Conservatively speaking, with a fall steeper than 50%, 60 crores first week is given.

With two more open weeks to follow before the release of CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA (on 16th January), it is inevitable that GHAJINI would go on to add at least 40 crores more. Though probability is that this number would be achieved in the fortnight to come at least, even in the worst case scenario we are looking at 100 crores milestone being comfortably met before the film’s run comes to an end.

Aamir Khan has done it. And he has done it in a BIG way!!