Jan 3, 2009

I like the incomplete romance in Ghajini: Asin Interview

I like the incomplete romance in Ghajini: Asin

Well known actress in the South, Asin made her debut in Bollywood opposite Aamir Khan in Ghajini that released last week. After starring in original Tamil version opposite Surya, the actress said that working in the Hindi remake posed its own set of challenges.

To be seen next opposite of Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan in Vipul Shah's London dreams, Asin is surely a talent to look out for.

Rajeev Masand: Welcome Asin and congratulations for the success of the film. Let's do some flashback, about a year ago when they came and offered you to do Ghajini again, what was the first question you had when they told you they were to re-make it in Hindi.

Asin: No questions at all. I knew that Aamir Khan wanted to see the Tamil version and that he had heard about it and there was a special screening of the movie for him in Mumbai.

I then received a call from him, which I thought was a very nice gesture from his side. He congratulated me for the film and he absolutely loved it.

He spoke about my character and then we had a conversation at the end of which he casually asked me if I speak Hindi and if i would be interested in doing any Hindi projects and I said yes, if anything interesting comes along I will. Well, I had no idea they were planning to do it in Hindi.

A few days later the production house calls me and tells that they are remaking it and that Aamir Khan is starring in it. They wanted me to do the same role that I did in Tamil. I was excited. There were no questions. I knew the people, I knew the script. Just the excitement.

Rajeev Masand Wasn’t it boring to do the same role, same movie again?.

Asin: I wasn't thinking about it that way. There was a comfort level. I knew the role, the character, the same director. But it wasn't monotonous because the rest of the team was new.

Rajeev Masand: What I enjoyed about Ghajini was the romance and the fact that the romance was unfinished in the film. Even the first step of knowing each other was incomplete.

Asin: I think it is the slight pain that is left with the audience after watching the movie, in fact I got calls from people saying- "you know Kalpana, that was actually Sanjay Singhania".

I think it worked for the film and what we intended got conveyed. I also think that the romance forms a strong emotional base that kind of justifies the pain and action in the film.

For me this romance is quite charming because usually these days we have boy meets girl and some kind of physicality comes in, but this is so pure.

Here the only time they even hold hands or almost hold hands is in the cement slab scene. I found it very beautiful and very rare in cinema these days so that was quite attractive.

Rajeev Masand: A lot of people say that they found the character of Kalpana very refreshing. She is a girl who everyone would like to know, the kind of girl that you almost believe doesn't exist. So how much are you like Kalpana? .

Asin: Well, a lot. In fact I don’t tell so many lies and tall tales, but a lot. I am quite mad that way and so is she. She can be over the top at times and i call her the complete girl package. Because she is naughty, she is nice, she is kind and charming, silly all rolled into one.

Rajeev Masand: Since you have acted in the Tamil version too, were there any changes that you have brought or did you feel there were things that you wanted to improve on?. The romantic track was pretty much faithful in the Hindi one when compared to the Tamil version, but did you do any small little changes yourself?

Asin: Not consciously. I don’t know if something came about sub-consciously because the director and the whole team was particular that she had to be the same, untouched, just like that and it worked so well.

And that is one difficult part about doing a film, something that has worked well, and so magically over there which makes you think, so what is the x-factor that you have to re-create to get the magic all over again.

It's in that moment. In that combination and you don't know what has worked there and it is kind of tough to make it a success again.

Rajeev Masand: Well, best of luck and looking forward to seeing lots more from you

Asin: Thank you.