Feb 9, 2009

Indian Captian Dhoni's New Girlfriend

Dhoni has a new girl in his life, and it seems that it's love at last. Sakshi Singh Rawat, a 20-year-old third year student of Hotel Management at IHM, Aurangabad, who recently finished her training at the front office at Taj Bengal, met MS Dhoni at the post-party of Race at Bipasha Basu's house.

She came as a guest of John Abraham's, a mutual friend. According to a source from Mumbai, "She attends all his hair-cutting sessions.

Dhoni got his hair cut short because she likes short hair." Sources at the Aurangabad institute reveal further about their relationship.

"She's a very sweet girl, she talks about nothing but Dhoni and #8230;even her cellphone wallpaper is Dhoni. Her status on Facebook is 'in a relationship.

' The two even took an auto ride together when Dhoni had come to meet her here in Aurangabad. All that she talks about in college is Dhoni.

" The blogs are abuzz with quotes from people who have spotted the couple together. One entry says, "I saw Sakshi Singh Rawat hanging around with MS Dhoni on November 19 as it was her 21st birthday.

" The entry further goes on to say that "the two are getting married after 2010." and "all their friends know about it.

" In an interview with a TV channel, Sakshi's elder sister, Abhilasha Bisht, a senior officer with the Uttaranchal Police confirmed that Dhoni is "great friends" with their family but added Sakshi's marriage is a long way off since she is currently studying.