Feb 17, 2009

'Slumdog Millionaire' Dev Patel in Bollywood?

The young actor who shot to fame with his role in 'Slumdog Millionaire' has not decided if he will be doing films in Bollywood. Dev Patel, who has become a household name, is quite thrilled with the out come of his Danny Boyle directed film. The actor commenting about his success has said he is just like any other teenager and feels "restless and goofy".

So what does Dev have to say on his role as a lad from the slums in Mumbai? Dev feels impressed by the way of life in the slums, in the sense, and is awed by the slum dwellers' interaction among themselves. The actor feels they are busy and live with an element of fun and everyone in the slums seems to know everyone else.

The actor says his relatives who used to be very apprehensive about what he was studying are now quite proud of him.

Well Dev, you earned that for yourself! Danny Boyle's the 'Slumdog Millionaire' did well at the Golden Globes as well as swept the BAFTA awards in the UK. Now it is the turn of Oscars. The film has been nominated in ten different categories and the Mozart of Chennai has been nominated for three Oscars. The awards night will be held at Los Angeles on the February 22.

Sit tight people and murmur a prayer if you can so that our man walks out with the Oscars!