Mar 12, 2009

Actress Preity Zinta may stand in Elections

Is Preity Zinta also Stepping into Politics?

There is a speculation building around that one of the franchises of the Kings XI Punjab, and the film actress Preity Zinta may stand in elections for the parliament of India. Himachal Pradesh - The state to which she belongs is being pencilled down for her to stand at the elections. Congress Party wants to use her charm and charisma to win a seat in Himachal Pradesh. She is being pencilled down to stand against the son of the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh from Hamirpur, which is one of the largest constituencies of HP, and incidentally is also the place to which her family belongs.

Would Preity Zinta be able to combine her charm of being a film star, as also a successful franchise of Kings XI Punjab to stand in elections for the Parliament from her home states i.e. HP. Congress party is hoping that she would do it. If she does it, then her candidature would indeed be a heady concoction. She has the history that could pave the way for success, as the film stars when they have appeared in the arena of elections have been able to attain victory by using their charm and charisma, along with the star power.

In her case it would also be a heady concoction, if she agrees to. It would be owing to the fact that she can put the services of the stars of her IPL team into service to do the campaigning for her, and if it happens it would indeed be one of the most star-studded elections ever seen. It would be on account of the fact that likes of Yuvraj and Sreesanth along with other foreign stars could campaign for her. She also has the business acumen of her boy friend Nes Wadia at her service.

Besides, another USP going for her is that she is the first woman from HP who has made it big both in the world of films as also in the world of cricket. Women of Himachal are known to be industrious in their own manner, and Preity imbibes those values. Another factor going in her favour is her proximity to Shahrukh Khan, which may have prompted the Congress Party to make her one of the probable candidates.

If it happens, it would indeed one of the most colourful and fanciful elections seen in HP, and there would be quite a lot of media attention in this constituency nationally and internationally as well. After all, cricket fans all over the world would also like to keep a track of her fortunes.