Mar 1, 2009

Bollywood Film Kisse Pyar Karoon Review

Kisse Pyar Karoon

Film:Kisse Pyar Karoon (Comedy)
Cast: Arshad Warsi, Ashish Chowdhury, Yash Tonk, Udita Goswami
Direction: Ajay Chandhok
Duration: 2 hours 57 minutes

Sitting through a few reels of this film that's supposedly a comedy, you end up with just one query: Why Mr Warsi? Does an actor get some masochistic pleasure in destroying his own talent by dabbling in dismal fare? Doesn't Arshad Warsi know he's got what it takes? If only he'd stop being self-destructive and display some plain common sense while selecting his scripts. Cineastes have savoured his best in films like Seher and the unforgettable Circuit in the Munnabhai series. Even in cornball films like Golmaal, Warsi managed to hold his own, despite the ensemble caste. But having to watch him in dispensable stuff like this, definitely makes you cringe. Doesn't it make him cringe too?

Kisse...is a loser from the word go. A down market band of boys -- Arshad, Ashish, Yash -- deliriously live their unruly life and are determined to continue this way. And the only way to perpetuate this all-male camaraderie is to keep the women at bay. Now that's okay for Arshad and Yash who have their own diversions, but Ashish is a diehard romantic and can't survive without a girlfriend.

Nursing a broken heart after girlfriend Aarti Chabria vanishes into the blue, he spends most of his time singing sad songs...until his buddies find another distraction for him. Now that's a move that backfires, since the blackbelt expert, Udita Goswami, is a shrew who wants to tear the band of boys apart. Arshad and Yash now must try to exorcise their friend of the Udita obsession to win him back. Add to this, a headless plot about an anonymous gangster (Shakti Kapoor) with a yen for AK-47s, and you have a film that's as enlivening as a headless chicken.Too loud. Too lost. Too ludicrous.