Mar 31, 2009

Celebrity Parents Are Obsessed with Twitter!

Even though they shun paparazzi attention, celebrity parents are getting up-close-and-personal with fans on the hottest new social networking phenomenon: Twitter. Demi Moore, Soliel Moon Frye, Brooke Burke and Britney Spears are just a few of the celebumoms who are keeping fans up to date on their day-to-day activities by "tweeting" away.

So what is Twitter? Dubbed "micro-blogging," Twitter allows users send out messages--in 140 character bursts--to anyone that follows them. Here's a sampling of some recent "tweets" from some well-known moms and dads:

- Joel Madden (14,000+ followers), rocker and dad to one-year old Harlow (with girlfriend Nicole Richie):"See my kid is asleep, the problem is me. wish i could sleep like the baby does..."

- Demi Moore (340,000+ followers), who goes by the handle MrsKutcher (married to Ashton Kutcher, who also is a tweet-a-holic): "Out on an adventure with [daughter] Scout to discover the treasures of the South of France!"

- Soliel Moon Frye (114,000+ followers), of Punky Brewster fame: "So my mother just told my oldest that her baby sister was a handful... My daughter turned to her and said 'No, my mommy's a handful!!'"

- Brooke Burke (290,000+ folllowers), mom of four and Dancing with the Stars champ: "Leaving my 2nd party of the day. Kids on total sugar rush!"

- Britney Spears (650,000+ followers): "Went bowling with my dancers last night. We had the best time. PS - I got a strike!"

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