Jul 18, 2009

Miss Pooja Died?

There is an unconfirmed rumor that Miss Pooja reportedly died after being shot. Miss Pooja’s real name is Gurinder Kaur Kainth. She is a extremely popular singer from Punjab, India.

Real Name: Gurinder Kaur Kainth
Famous By: Miss Pooja
Date Of Birth: 4 Dec, 1979
Place Of Birth: Rajpura, Punjab
Qualification: B.A. Vocal & Instrumental, M.A. Music, B.Ed.
Job Experience: 2 Years as a Music Teacher
Debut Album: ‘Jaan Ton Piyari’ with Darshan Khela (Jan 2006)
First Popular Song: ‘Bhan Chooriyan Pyar Tera Dekhdi Ne’
Ustads: Kesar Nand Kesar & Mahinder Singh Nagina
Nearly 500 songs recorded with almost 70 various vocalists.
Albums: around 80

We are trying to verify the authenticity of this story as we speak. We hope that the rumor is untrue and hope that Miss Pooja is alive and well.