Dec 14, 2009

Katrina Kaif advised complete bed rest

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, who was diagnosed with jaundice and low haemoglobin count recently, is in danger again with her health deteriorating each passing day. People close to her are worried about her health.

She was taken to a suburban hospital again Yesterday (December 13) for further tests, as her hemoglobin count continued to fall despite the treatment. It took almost a day to complete all the complicated medical tests. Now, she has been advised complete bed rest by the doctors.

Sources said that Katrina's health took a dip after attending two consecutive nights on Friday and Saturday for the sangeet and wedding of her boyfriend Salman Khan's close family-friend Krishan Narayan’s daughter.

It is said that the doctors have not found out the cause of the fall in the haemoglobin count. However, Katrina said that she would be fine and all she needed is rest.

Well, we wish her speedy recovery!