Jul 31, 2010

Mallika on the hype created by her topless photo

Mallika Sherawat topless Photo

Mallika Sherawat promotes her upcoming Hollywood film Hisss where she plays a snakewoman and movie directed by Hollywood’s Jennifer Lynch, and also stars Irrfan Khan and Divya Dutta.
Mallika’s this topless photo on the popular social networking site Twitter as a publicity stunt for her new flick Hissss. The Bollywood hot babe is seen covering her modesty with her lustrous locks and hands. With her eyes covered in kajal, and arms covered in scaly snake design the actress sure looks like a snake womanShe wrote on her Twitter page that her forthcoming film Hissss would create huge hysteria amongst the people. “It'll be Hisssteria! Ppl will be Hisssterical! Lol. If 1 picture has created such a Hype,wonder wot the release of Hissss would do,” she wrote.

Mallika recently posted her topless picture on Twitter. The photo shows her sans her shirt but with her long hair sprawling over her assets.