Sep 26, 2010

Priyanka Chopra has the Perfect Skin and Hair

Priyanka Chopra has the perfect skin and hair: Blossom Kochhar Interview

Blossom Kochhar is a pioneer in the field of aromatherapy for long. The lady has been a stalwart in promoting healthy lifestyle with her indigenous products, the beneficiaries of which include top-class national and international clientele. Mrs Kocchar turned her belief in the therapeutic properties of essential oils and natural fragrances into a lifestyle concept and industry with great success.
The beauty expert had a chit chat with Bikas Bhagat of Spicezee.com and gave some valuable information on the benefits of aromatherapy and tips to enhance beauty. Following are the excerpts:

Q: What inspires you to create natural products?

Blossom: Your skin inspires me to create natural products. Your skin is breathing…living and is a part of you. What you eat should have the property that it can be put on your face and whatever you put on your face should be edible. My products go through many-many years of testing before they are introduced.

Q: How does aromatherapy help in enhancing beauty?

Blossom: Aromatherapy is excellent for the body, mind and soul. You can use essential oils for massage, for instance, you can use them in your bathwater, after shower, and for any stress related ailments like body ache, hormonal problems, sinus, headache and migraine. Or you can try lavender for stress and ache. Then there is ‘ylang ylang’ to pep you up and Jasmine to lift you from depression. Sandal wood is also excellent oil.
Q: With monsoons coming what are the special things that one should keep in mind for perfectly healthy hair and skin?
Blossom: During the monsoons, cleanse your skin regularly with a good face wash. Don’t use any heavy moisturizer or creams; exfoliate twice a week with a good scrub. Cleaning hair is very important. Shampoo often as hair tends to get dirty, and dry your hair before braiding to avoid fungal infections.

Q: How would you define beauty?

Blossom: Beauty is holistic, it has to deal with your body, mind and soul and when everything is in harmony the person is beautiful.

Q. What’s your take on cosmetic surgery and Botox treatment? Are there any side effects?

Blossom: Well, they are basically beauty enhancement treatments and in most cases, they are adopted only if there is dire need for it. I mean if you are in a line of work which demands you to look glamorous, say like in showbiz, then there is no harm. However, these operations should only be done after a certain age and youngsters should refrain from such procedures instead they should rejuvenate themselves with aromatherapy.

Q: What can people do to reduce stress? Please suggest.

Blossom: We would recommend you to go for aromatherapy. Get yourself a diffuser, add a little water on the top of the diffuser, light a candle and add a few drops of Peach or Lavender oil. The oils can also be used in bath water, on the pillow and you can also use it in a potpourri.

Q: Can you tell us something about yourself? What all do you do - only aromatherapy or regular beauty treatment and makeup also?

Blossom: I also do make up, beauty and hair as well as skin care and spa therapy. I teach Reiki and play golf.

Q: Which celebrity do you think has the perfect skin tone and hair?

Blossom: Priyanka Chopra and…yes this pretty girl Katrina Kaif.

Q: We have heard that there are some international stars visiting your store for beauty and essential oils…

Blossom: It was only some time back that at our Qutub Colonnade store, we had a surprise visitor one day - Richard Gere. He walked into the store once and picked up ‘Dreams` (an essential oil). Ever since, whenever he’s in Delhi on his way to Dharamshala, he drops by at the store.