Nov 27, 2010

Akshay Oberoi INTERVIEW

Vivek’s actor-cousin Akshay Oberoi is Salman’s fan!

Debutant Akshay Oberoi, who happens to be the first cousin of Vivek Oberoi, happens to be a Salman Khan fan!

Cousin of Vivek Oberoi and the new face of Rajshri Productions, Akshay Oberoi is surprisingly a Salman Khan fan! The newcomer even prefers to 'follow' his icon 'Salman Khan' on Twitter and in real life over his own cousin Vivek!

We chatted up the youngster on his filmy lineage, equation with Salman and foray into Bollywood.

Salman Khan has been promoting you and your 'debut' Rajshri film, inspite of you being Vivek Oberoi's cousin!
It feels great. I have always been a Salman fan. I've met him a couple of times and he does guides youngsters indeed. I am always star struck when I meet him. He has encouraged me a lot. Salman has even played a cameo in my forthcoming film 'Issi Life Mein'.

Salman's infamous spat with Vivek is known to all.
The film industry is like a family. Salman and Vivek are like two brothers within the family and differences happen.

So have you replaced Salman as Rajshri's most lovable hero 'Prem'?
Not at all. Nobody can replace Salman as Rajshri's Prem. He is the iconic Prem. I play Vivaan in the film who works in theatre and wants to achieve everything in this very life. His father wants him to be a CA/ CFA but he wants to live life on his terms. My film is a love story.

Did Vivek inspire to act in films?
I've been in love with films since I was 10 years old. My filmy lineage did play an important role but Vivek and I have lived our life apart. I was in US, studying acting, theatre at The Johns Hopkins University, US. We haven't interacted much. We don't meet up often either. But I am sure he wishes well for me. I loved his work in Saathiya, Company and Rakta Charitra.

How did you get the big break with Rajshri?
I struggled as an actor for a year before I auditioned for this role. I am glad I got selected. They are one of the best production houses we have here.

Rajshri receive a lot of flak for their never ending songs in films.
'Issi Life Mein' is unlike your typical Rajshri film in many ways. Though the core Rajshri family values are in place, it's more about dreams and fulfilling your dreams than marriages!