Jul 4, 2011

Lisa wants to be a mom

Canadian-Indian actor Lisa Ray is perhaps most acclaimed for her brave battle with bone marrow cancer two years ago. She fought through the hardship of chemotherapy-induced menopause, but wants to be a mother now. “I’m looking at other options and talking to my partner about it. I would like to
have one child, boy or girl,” says Ray.

She was invited for the recently held IIFA awards in her hometown — Toronto, and feels honoured. “I think the awards are doing something really positive. It is getting people to talk about Bollywood films,” she says. Working for IIFA, she also got to see behind the scenes action. “Like, when a fan lunged on Shah Rukh Khan’s feet on stage, it went unnoticed as everyone thought it was part of the skit,” she says. Another favourite moment for her was: walking on the green-carpet, where she chose to lend support to Canadian designers by wearing their creations.

Ray, who has starred in films like Water, I Can’t Think Straight and Bollywood/Hollywood, was in the Capital to promote her new TV series, Oh My Gold!, to be aired on the channel, TLC. In the show, Ray travels through India, “snooping” around to uncover different cities’ inherent jewellery styles.

Her most prized possession? “A ruby and diamonds ring that was passed down by my mother to me,” she Ray.

I’d like to have one child. I’m looking at options — adoption or some technique, it is not definitive

It was convenient to wear designers from Canada, instead of calling in garments from India (for IIFA)

India is the only place in the world, where gold and jewellery is literally a part of the national make up