Aug 28, 2011

Mallika Sherawat heats up 'Politics of Love' Movie Gallery

Love in the time of 'Politics': In her next flick 'Politics of Love' - Mallika Sherawat will be seen romancing Brian J White.

Switching between Bollywood item numbers and Hollywood roles - Mallika Sherawat seems to have her hands full.

She has landed her first full fledged Hollywood role in the movie - 'Politics of Love'.

The movie will see her in her skimpy best - getting wet in a car wash

Rumours have it that she said that she agreed to her skimpy car wash scene for her fans like to see her wet

he movie is slated for a global September 1st release this year.

The movie has Brian J White and Loretta Devine

The movie is believed to be a rom-com inspired by the slew of publicly documented election love stories.

These stories had sprung up during Obama's Presidential push in 2008

Politics makes strange bedfellows - but not as strange as two political opponents falling in love.

The love blooms a month before the presidential elections in 2008.

A beautiful, idealistic local Obama volunteer coordinator played by Mallika Sherawat...

reluctantly falls for her Republican counterpart: a sexy, savvy, African American conservative, played by Brian J White.

Sparks fly, tempers flares, heads turn, and romance blossoms.

Love creates havoc for the mismatched pair of campaigners in the frantic days leading up to Election Day.

Brian J white plays the role of Kyle Franklin.

And Mallika Sherawat is Aretha Gupta

Loretta Devine plays the role of Shirlee Gupta...

And Gerry Bednob is Vijay Gupta.

'Politics of Love' released in US theatres on August 26th followed by its digital distribution on demand from September 1st.

The film has been directed by William Dear.

Brian J White can be remembered for his role in 'Stomp the Yard', the 2007 movie where he plays the role of Sylvester, leader of the Theta Nu Theta fraternity.

The movie also goes by the name of 'Love Barack'.