Oct 1, 2011

Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher Still Follow Each Other On Twitter

Despite reports, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are still together...on Twitter, at least.

RadarOnline reported today that the "Two and A Half Men" star, who's also a prolific tweeter, had stopped following his wife of six years amidst rumors of their marital troubles.

Reports surfaced this week that Kutcher cheated on Moore with Sara Leal, a 23-year who allegedly met with a lawyer on Tuesday.

Page Six and Gawker picked up the Twitter story, too, but the evidence points to the contrary.

A quick scroll through the "following" list of @aplusk, Kutcher's Twitter account, reveals that Moore, who's known on Twitter as @mrskutcher, is still there, right between Diddy and fitness guru Tony Horton. She's very far down the page, which means that he's been following her for quite some time:

The ongoing saga of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's terrible split-up continues. Today the news is that Ashton no longer follows Demi on Twitter. On Twitter! On Twitter?? Yes, on Twitter. Ashton follows some 600 people (perfectly proportionate to his million-jillion followers) and Demi, duhhhh, used to be one of them, with her @mrskutcher name and everything, but now SHE IS NOT. According to this newspaper for old people anyway. Whodathunk it? Hm? They seemed like the eternal couple, like salt and pepper, like always together. Instead now it's all just this dump. On Twitter?? On Twitter. No longer following. Do not follow me, I don't know where I'm going. What a thing