Dec 2, 2011

Lady Gaga ‘Marry the Night’ video debuts: Singer breaks down in autobiographical rise-to-fame film


Lady Gaga relives one of her darkest days in the 14-minute long 'Marry the Night' video. Lady Gaga ‘Marry the Night’ video debuts: Singer breaks down in autobiographical rise-to-fame film Mother Monster is at it again. The latest music video to drop from Haus of Gaga is here -- and it's more of an autobiographical mini-documentary than anything else. A whopping 14-minutes long, Lady Gaga's "Marry the Night" video relives what the pop star says was one of her darkest days during her rise to fame. "It was one of the worst days of my life and it happened quite quickly, but in my mind, when I think back on that period of my life, it all happened very slow,

" she told E! prior to the world premier of the much-anticipated video Thursday, referring to when she was dropped by her first record label, Island Def Jam. Directed by the Lady herself, the video starts off with the singer being wheeled along on a gurney by two Calvin Klein-clad nurses, her hair coiffed in a tousled brunette bob. "When I look back on my life it's not that I don't want to see things exactly as they happened," a robotic sounding Gaga says in a voice over.

 "It's just that I prefer to remember them in an artistic way." It's unclear in video what's brought the pop star to her bed-ridden state at what appears to be some sort of clinic or insane asylum, but an older nurse who delivered her from birth tells the "morphine princess" to stay away from intimacy for two weeks. "I'm gonna be a star," a teary-eyed Gaga tells her. "You know why? Because I have nothing left to lose." Flash forward, and the pop-star is a ballerina appearing alone on stage. The next minute, she is topless and laying in bed, when she gets a phone call. "But I'm an artist," she says into the receiver, before going absolutely ballistic. She does what any rejected aspiring pop star would do: smashes mirrors, destroys her apartment and dumps a box of Honey Nut Cheerios over her head before collapsing in a tub. She begins dying her brown locks blond. A Madonna-esque

 Gaga steps out in the next scene donning a bedazzled denim ensemble. "I did what any girl would do," she says in a voice over. "I did it all over again." Cue music. As the song finally begins (eight minutes in to the actual video), Gaga tries to sneak into a car through the sunroof while around her, abandoned vehicles burn in the night. Seconds later, she's in a dance studio, practicing her best pop-star moves along with a host of other aspiring dancers. The rest of the video is pretty tame by Gaga standards, save for a few flashbacks to her freaking out in a bathtub. She dances on the streets while wearing blue lipstick. She tumbles down some stairs. She lights a few cars on fire. And then it's over.

 What did the wacky singer think about the final production? "It was intensely important to me that it was not too beautiful," she told E! "It was an incredible experience. It was amazing. It was absolutely amazing." Gaga added that the video's real message is about her marrying her own personal difficulties. "I am destined to struggle, I am destined to write music about the struggle, and I accept it willingly," she said.