May 1, 2013

Shah Rukh Khan London in June for eighth surgery

Shah Rukh Khan heads to London in June for eighth surgery

After much delay and prolonged pain, it has finally been decided that Shah Rukh Khan will go under the knife for his shoulder pain in London in June.

The surgery that had been postponed for the completion of his shoot for Chennai Express IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders needed him as well, another reason for the delay.

Apparently, the accident-prone Khan has also suffered injuries like three broken ribs, a twisted ankle, a broken right toe, an injury to his left shoulder, a neck injury, a broken back bone and an injured left knee.
Shah Rukh Khan shoulders the burden
Shah Rukh Khan will be soon going under the knife. The super busy actor had been suffering from shoulder pain since the time he was working on his superhero flick, RA.One (2010). Although he’d undergone treatment for it then, the persistent ache will now require surgery to be cured.

But the actor has decided to get the operation only after he wraps up the shooting for Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express. Also, since he’s been keeping busy attending the matches played by his T20 team, he wants to schedule the surgery for later, at a more-convenient time.