Jul 11, 2013

Ram Charan turns vegetarian for his dog, Brat

Actor Ram Charan, we discovered, has recently turned vegetarian. And no, this has nothing to do with health or lifestyle reasons. He spoke exclusively to us about his reason for turning vegetarian.

"I got a dog as a gift from my wife Upasna, on my birthday on March 27 this year. The first time I saw this pup, there was a sense of comfort and positive vibe instantly. When my wife asked me what we should name him, without thought, I immediately said, 'Brat'."

Brat was the name of my earlier pet, a black Labrador, whom I loved immensely. we had many dogs in the family, but this was the only one I connected with. Sadly, I lost him six years ago due to my negligence. He was with me for 18 months. Usually, I would always have him on leash. but that morning, I went for a jog at 3am, leaving him unleashed thinking he would be safe at that hour. But unluckily, a car ran over him. he died in my arms."

"It's been six years, but I hadn't gotten over Brat. But when I saw my current Brat, after all these years, I felt an instant connection. since I named this pup Brat after my old Labrador, I am anxious. I don't want anything to happen to him because of me."

"Recently, Brat sustained a fracture and we had to get a rod inserted in his leg. It was devastating for me to watch him in pain. I just wanted him to get well soon and took a mannat that till he was up and running, I would give up non-vegetarian food. His rod was removed a few days back, but I am waiting for him to recover fully and run again. I will give up anything for him to be fine."