Dec 13, 2013

Courts Should Respect Individuals' Freedom & choice: Sachin Pilot on SC verdict on Gay Sex

Union Corporate Affairs (Independent charge) Minister Sachin Pilot on Thursday said Courts should respect "individuals' freedom and choice" in areas like gay rights issue.

"Well I think enough people have voiced opinion (about it). I am one of those people who believe that the Courts are there to decide on matters of law. And this particular incidence I think, should be left as a matter of choice," he told reporters here when asked for his comments on the Supreme Court's verdict.

"This is certainly something that has created certain response from many sections of society and I believe the Courts should also respect the individuals freedom and choice in such areas," he said.

In a blow to gay rights activists, the Supreme Court had yesterday upheld the Constitutional validity of the penal provision making gay sex an offence, punishable with life imprisonment, that created an uproar countrywide.