Feb 26, 2014

Bengali Actress Nusrat Jahan Survived Only On Five Biscuits

She wanted to have luchi-aloor dom for breakfast but survived only on five biscuits. The reason behind actress Nusrat's loss of appetite was the first day of shoot of Rhitobrata Bhattacharya's Sandhya Namar Aage, for which she had a stomach full of butterflies.

"This is my first offbeat film where the audience will get to see me without my usual dolled-up look. Thanks to Soumik Haldar (DoP) for making me look beautiful sans make-up! That apart, all of my scenes require me to act. So, I hope that I live up to the director's expectations," the actress shared, adding, "On Monday morning we shot a scene where Rusha Chatterjee (her character) comes to a hotel to meet Prattyush Aloke Bhattacharya (essayed by Rahul Bose), who plays a sleuth in the film. Rusha, who is an NRI, comes to India to find out who murdered her parents. I also had a shot with Rhitoda who plays a reporter in the film. We had a lot of fun while shooting."