Mar 2, 2014

Jaya Bachchan Makes Debut On Television With Gujarati Serial

Jaya Bachchan, last seen on the screen of any size in 2008 playing her own son’s mother in Drona, is all set to return to acting with her maiden television appearance in a television adaptation of Gujarati author Kajal Oza Vaidya’s novel Yog Viyog. While a major chunk of the story would feature the accomplished actress, another substantial part of the story would require another actress to play the younger version of Jaya’s character. A hunt is on for an actress, preferably a fresh face, to fit the bill.

Says a source close to the project, “The adaptation of Kajal Oza Vaidya’s novel is nearly done. Jayaji is in preparation for her mother’s part. But the producers Endemol are yet to find a younger actress to play Jaya’s role.” Apparently, the prerequisites for the young actress are not so much physical as emotional. Says the source, “We are not really looking so much at a physical resemblance as the younger actress’ ability to emote as powerfully as Jayaji.”

Names are being short-listed for Jaya Bachchan’s younger version. Meanwhile the senior actress would begin shooting for the serial next month. Says the source. “It was always Jayaji or no one else for the part. The author Kajal  Oza Vaidya agreed to part with the television rights only on condition that Jayaji agrees to play the central role.” The television adaptation is being considerably revamped . It promises to be very different from the novel.