Jun 1, 2014

Blogger Sara Shantelle Lim Birthday Sponsored $40,000

Blogger called 'shameless' for throwing sponsored $40,000 birthday bash

Little-known blogger claims to have $40,000 sponsorship for birthday, but netizens slam her for holding extravagant bash. She says:

Local lifestyle blogger Sara Shantelle Lim is throwing a sponsored $40,000 bash to celebrate her 27th birthday on Friday night. But the entrepreneur's extravagant bash has drawn flak from netizens, with many calling her "a freeloader" and slamming her for "showing off" and being "shameless". In her press release about her "candylicious neon birthday bash 2014", Miss Lim named all her sponsors and listed the freebies she's getting from them. But she displeased one sponsor, socialite Kim Lim, the daughter of local billionaire tycoon Peter Lim, by calling her a "good friend". Miss Kim Lim, who is sponsoring $1,500 worth of beer for the party, said yesterday that she and Miss Lim are "not good friends, only acquaintances".