Nov 27, 2008

Aishwarya Rai becomes beauty queen again!

Ash becomes beauty queen again!

Actors barely get to talk about things other than denying their hook-ups and then denying delivering bad films.

At the recently held Longines launch event in Mumbai, Ash however transformed herself from an actor into the Miss World she used to be few years ago!

She obviously spoke about hubby Abhishek and her Bachchan family but what she also commented upon was the ongoing ‘global economic crisis’!

When asked about recession by a reporter, as if answering the jury of Miss World, Ash said, “We all are citizens of this country and recession will touch everyone’s life. However, I cannot speak about the entire film industry. All I know is the word ‘management’ is of prime importance. It’s about managing and not questioning how do I manage things. Taking more than you can chew will only create chaos. Yes I am leading a hectic lifestyle for a while but I believe in taking only as much as you can effectively give. If I am internally happy it shows. I have never deliberately tried to show how happy I am.” Now wasn’t that a crown winning answer from Ash!