Nov 27, 2008

Katrina Kaif is maha gussa with Salman Khan

Katrina minds her own language

You might find it strange, but it’s true! Katrina Kaif

A lady who’s hopping mad with Salman Khan these days is girlfriend Katrina Kaif. Kyon bhai, what happened now? Apparently, the actress is maha gussa with Salman for repeatedly making fun of her Hindi. And now Kats, we hear, has had enough of it so much so that she has sworn to give interviews in Hindi next time round. Katrina has already started practicing. She now speaks in Hindi with her staff, her make-up man and hairdresser, who warn us that she actually speaks Hindi quite well, but gets conscious when in front of the camera. So Katrina is all in the hum kisise kum nahin mode, and warns Mr Khan, that it’s high time he takes his woman seriously...