Nov 25, 2008

I'll never do Bigg Boss again, says winner Ashutosh Kaushik

Life for young dhaba owner Ashutosh Kaushik has taken an upward swing ever since he participated in television reality shows. But after winning Rs 10 million on Bigg Boss, he doesn't wish to take part in such a programme ever again.

"If I get a chance to be a part of Bigg Boss again, I will not do it for sure. It's not that I can't spend time again there, but I don't want to do it because I don't want to snatch someone else's chance of winning the show," said Ashutosh.

This year has been pleasantly unpredictable for Ashutosh. He ran a roadside eatery just a year ago but then Lady Luck began to smile upon him and he got selected for adventure reality show MTV Roadies 5.0 which he later won.

It was followed by his win at Bigg Boss Saturday night. He plans to buy a house for himself in Mumbai with the money he got.

"After I won Roadies, I was still living on the streets. And I had nothing to do. Now I hope that with this money, I am able to avail the basic amenities of life. I will also bring my family here," he said.

While in the Bigg Boss house, Ashutosh was often accused of using foul language. But he says it was because there was nothing to do in the house.

"When we didn't have anything to talk about, that's what we used to do - abuse each other. And it was all in good fun. I never abused anyone on the face. If anyone can prove that I abused him or her openly, I'm ready to give the Bigg Boss title to that person," said Ashutosh who was also criticised for his unhealthy living habits.

Although Ashutosh shared a good relationship with almost every participant on the show, he became closer to Rahul Mahajan, son of late Bharatiya Janata Party leader Pramod Mahajan, and former Miss World Diana Hayden.

Ashutosh also won the title of Mr. Honest while in the Bigg Boss house.

He now has plans to join Bollywood, a dream he wanted to pursue after he won MTV Roadies.

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