Nov 26, 2008

Money can’t buy me love: Ashutosh Kaushik

Ashutosh Kaushik speaks out about his relationship with Sonel Singh, his ex-girlfriend

Ashutosh Kaushik is ecstatic about becoming a crorepati post-Bigg Boss, but the reality show seems to have cost him his love life. His girlfriend Sonel Singh, whom he met during the shooting of MTV Roadies, did not come to receive him the day he emerged victorious from the house. When asked why she didn’t come to meet him, he said, “I would have loved her to be around on my important day. I don’t know why she didn’t come. I need to find out what’s gone wrong.” Ask him if it is his flirting with Diana Hayden inside the house that put her off and he’s quick to reply. “Sonel has no reason to feel insecure. She knows what kind of a person I am. There was nothing between Diana and me. It was just in good jest and was there for all to see. I’m ready to get a rakhi tied by Diana to prove that there’s nothing between us,” he says.

Sonel though had given an interview to a tabloid when Ashutosh was battling it out inside the Bigg Boss house where she had spoken about their Roadies days. And as Ashutosh told the housemates about how he started dating her, Sonel firmly denied seeing him and refused to be associated with him. He is surprised. “If she’s said that, she’s lying. I don’t know why she’s saying all this. I want to meet her and sort things out.”