Feb 17, 2009

'Billu' in trouble again over lyrics

The MNS workers in Mumbai on Tuesday launched a peaceful protest against screening of the film 'Billu' for its song 'Marjaani', which allegedly contains "objectionable words".

The film produced by Red Chillies Productions, partly owned by Shahrukh Khan had to be renamed 'Billu' from 'Billu Barber' after some barber associations objected to use of the word "barber" in the title.

The film which was released on February 13 ran into controversy again this time for the lyrics of the superhit song "Marjaani" with MNS activists demanding it be removed from the film.

"There is a song in the film called Marjaani, which contains some objectionable words. We had requested the producer on phone to remove those words but they remained adamant. This is why we have launched a peaceful agitation to remove the whole song from the film," MNS Secretary Aslam Bhai Khot told reporters.

Meanwhile, the film's leading actor Irrfan Khan, who plays the title role of 'Billu' has expressed his surprise at the protest.

"The misunderstanding regarding the song had been cleared by Shahrukh Khan. What is the basis of this protest except that they need public attention," Irrfan said.