Feb 17, 2009

Freida-Rohan's secret wedding revealed!

Freida with Rohan
Freida Pinto and Rohan Antao had a secret wedding in Goa in December 2007; she dumped him after the success of her debut film, Slumdog Millionaire The controversies that Freida Pinto is embroiled in are directly proportionate to the adulation that she is enjoying post Slumdog Millionaire. After several rumours of her promptly calling off her engagement and dumping fiancé Rohan Antao after she shot to fame, there is a new secret that we recently heard about Freida.

According to a source, Freida and Rohan had a secret wedding in Goa in December 2007. In fact, Freida got her wedding gown made from a designer in Lokhandwala after clearly telling the designer that it was for her wedding. A close friend of Freida and Rohan said, “Rohan and Freida were extremely close and have several common friends. Both are 24 years old and were deeply in love with each other. They had decided that they would get married in Goa, which is Rohan's hometown. They had booked a hotel for the wedding. Freida had given the designer just five days to make her gown as the wedding had to take place in late December 2007. Once the gown was almost ready, Freida also had a dress trial to which Rohan had accompanied her.” Freida had told her close friends that she would be having a secret wedding as she didn't want too many people to know about it.

“Rohan and Freida had decided to keep their marriage a secret till they felt ready to talk about it openly. Even though she has dumped her husband Rohan now, he is not the kind who will go out and speak against her. In fact, they were together even when she completed shooting for Slumdog Millionaire. But once the film started making waves internationally, she decided to dump Rohan,” added the source.

So are they officially divorced now? The friend said, “Nothing is clear as yet. Rohan is still in shock at being dumped. He changed his status in the networking site Facebook from 'committed' to 'single' earlier this month. In fact, Freida was unhappy when Rohan had earlier written 'engaged' in his relationship status on the site.” Despite sending repeated text messages to Freida, she remained unavailable for comment.