Feb 19, 2009

I am very jealous of Ash: Abhishek

If your marriage is a tad unbalanced and one spouse is doing better than the other, take consolation in the fact that even superstar couples have their insecurities. And when we say superstars, we really mean it.

All is well in the land of Ash-Abhi, but rumour has it that Abhi is jealous of Ash . This is not because she is more popular than him, but because Ash has gathered a fan Abhishek could die for.

Ash's Pink Panther 2 co-star Steve Martin, who reportedly said he was a fan of her work, is apparently someone Abhishek has admired for years.

In a complete turn of tables, Abhishek became the starry-eyed fan at the New York premiere of Pink Panther 2 where he met Steve Martin. Abhishek said, "We were at the premiere of Pink Panther 2 and it was great fun. It s a hilarious film. Steve Martin is a genius. I am very jealous of Ash. He is someone I have been idolising when I was growing up. And Ash gets the opportunity to work with the likes of Steve Martin and Jeremy Irons!"